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Hello there!

I’m Evan, a skilled technologist and creative professional living in Portsmouth, VA.

I love solving complex problems using tech, and sharing knowledge that empowers others to improve their lives and their communities.

I believe in harnessing the power of people.

Technology has an incredible power to amplify human achievement, allowing one person to make much more of an impact than ever before. Tech allows more people to connect around the globe than anyone could have imagined 100 years ago, and as more people gain equitable access, the potential impact and number of opportunities grow exponentially.

There are (needed) ongoing conversations about the good and bad impacts that technology has had, but for me personally, I believe that tech simply amplifies existing human character, whether good or bad. This means that there is an ever-growing need for people with empathy and generosity to join the industry, and solve problems responsibly.

My goal for my career in tech is to apply the values of kindness, empathy, and community-building to every project, and to every relationship that I build. I am also committed to sharing resources that have helped me, starting with the Learn Tech page, and much more to come.

Tech has the ability to change lives for the better. Let’s do it, together!

Join me on Twitter: @EvanJNee

(I’m also on Mastodon and BlueSky)

Nobody else gets to tell you what your story is.”

Ana Spanikopita